A little about me…

Husband, priest, musician, writer, dreamer, and sucker for stray cats I’m now on sabbatical in Minnesota resting, studying, praying, and preparing for whatever is next.

150 Knots began as “The Traveling Priest Chronicles” and then “Dusting My Broom” before taking on its current form. It’s my little cabin on the web where I can sit, muse, and ponder the world. Sometimes it all makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t, but the whole thing is in God’s hands and therefore there’s a great beauty within.

Not everyone who wanders is lost…


7 thoughts on “A little about me…

  1. The Church of the Transfiguration in Ninilchick, AK. It is overlooking the Cook Inlet on the Kenei Peninsula. A regular stop for many tourists and well, just about anyone with a sense of beauty.

    • I had an earlier picture that Mark was referring to, a picture of an older, weathered building whose location I did not know. I knew that the church in my current header was in Alaska but I did not know its name. Some day I wish to see it personally. Thank you for the information.

    • I don’t believe that the pic is from Ninilchick, having seen that church several times, unless of course it has been renovated and the domes painted.
      a google search will prove it

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