I understand…

the world being crazy. The idea of it even makes an odd kind of sense to me. When the Church goes crazy, or seems to, that’s a whole different thing. I count on the church to be sane, wise, deep, and clear in a way that I never expect politicians or the heads of corporations to ever be. It’s the whole kingdom of God thing. Just those words mean that it should be different, better, and something other than the world.

Alas, that’s not always the case. It seems that at any given moment we can be as petty, political, and downright stupid as anything in the world. Kingdom of God or not we can be a bunch of knuckleheads precisely because the whole Church is filled with knuckleheads like me.

How I wish it was different. How I wish that the Church could be some kind of refuge, some kind of place of peace where the cruel world was outside the door never to come inside. I guess that’s why we have the eschaton, the day when all things will be as they were meant to be. I guess that’s why we get glimpses and pieces of that day now but never the complete package. The creation groans and we groan along with it even as we stand about the altar.

Perhaps that’s what our hope really is. We see the seeds and anticipate the plant. We catch a glimpse and faith fills in the rest of the picture. We have moments and those moments help us imagine eternity. A taste previews the great banquet and a few notes let us hear the future, eternal, song.

I’d like more, but I can live with that if I have to and wait with a kind of joyful sorrowing anticipation for the rest.


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