There are two kinds…

of iconoclasm. The first denies that God can sanctify and use holy holy images to bless the faithful and the world. The second sees these holy images largely in the context of decoration or museum pieces.


One thought on “There are two kinds…

  1. Met. Hilarion’s talk on that topic was quite good.

    “The icon’s purpose is liturgical. It is an integral part of liturgical space, which is the church. And an indispensable participant in divine services. The icon is essentially by no means an image intended for private devotional veneration,” writes Fr. Gabriel Bunge. “It’s theological place is primarily the liturgy in which the message of the word is complemented by the message of the icon. Outside church and liturgy the icon largely loses its meaning. Certainly every Christian has the right to hang an icon at home, but he has this right only in so far as his home is a continuation of the church and his life a continuation of the liturgy. A gallery is the wrong place for icons. An icon in a gallery or museum is nonsense for it does not live there, but only exists as does a dried flower in a herbarium or a pinned butterfly in a collector’s box.”

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