I’m kind of a floozy…

when it comes to football teams. I’ve just never been able to stick with one and commit. Don’t know why that is but its roots run deep.

As a kid in Wisconsin I was a Packer fan, even met Ray Nitschke at a local store. But by about 1970 I was actively courting the Dolphins because I liked their uniforms and the fact that it was sunny when they played, even in the winter.

Moving to Minnesota in my middle teens I started rooting for the Vikings but my passions soon drifted, to the Cleveland Browns until their fans decided to throw beer bottles on the field after a disputed call, then the Packers for a while just to tick off the swells here in Minnesota, and then the Colts because I admired Tony Dungy.

Last year it was the Packers again and this year the Lions because I felt they were a team that needed fans and was frankly better than their record would indicate. Besides my cats all root for “cat” teams.

See, in a world where people live and die and can literally be buried in team colored caskets I just bounce along with whatever strikes my fancy. I’ve often wondered whether this is just about not wanting to bear the cruddy feelings that come when you’re a real fan and your team tanks. Perhaps its about simply not feeling at home anywhere. Maybe my imagination just won’t let me focus in on one team. I’m still working to figure it out.

Until I do my football love is just a fleeting thing, unencumbered by the traditional morals of the NFL. Yep, I guess its true. When it comes to football I’m just a floozy.


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