The busy time of year…

is ahead smack in the middle of Nativity Lent. As per usual wresting time for holy things will be the greatest challenge in a world too busy during the day and too tired at night.

I do what I do for others. I know this. Behind every holiday there are a class of the seldom seen, people who plan and work and clean so that others can effortlessly celebrate the season. Serving at church and working at an assisted living facility I am one of those people, popping up at the right time to ensure that all is well and then quietly retiring to wash the plates. No complaints, it’s a gift given to any who would receive it and my joy to give.

Yet my hope, my prayer in all of this, is that I don’t lose the mystery, the awe, the grace of this holy season. When gatherings are over, when liturgies are served, and all is quiet and done, even for a short moment, I hope there’s a place inside of me that can stand with the shepherds in the presence of angels on Bethlehem’s starry night.

And now to the work ahead…


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