I’ve been reading…

about the increasing demand for, and therefore price of, gold as people around the world look for a place to put their money to ride out the hard times. In truly hard times, though, what good would gold be? Difficult to carry in large quantities and impossible to eat a truly desperate time would make gold essentially worthless.

In a truly hard time it would seem you would need something larger than yourself to believe in to help you make it through, the skills to produce food, clean water, and shelter for basic survival, and a community of people with you to share the tasks and lessen the dangers of life in a world of scarcity. Gold is incidental to any or all of these things. After all what would be more valuable, the ability to consistently feed yourself and your group or a bag of shiny metal?

Of course if you’ve already learned how to live low to the ground, what has often been called “thrift” you’re already ahead of the game. You don’t have the illusions and the dead weight of investment in fictions to recover from before you set out to live in a hostile world.

I wonder, sometimes, though, if all this economic chaos we’ve been going through may actually, when all the noise and clutter are taken away, be God’s way of reminding us of where our treasures and our hearts actually should be. In light of that gold may not matter as much as we think.


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