A Question…

arises in everything that has happened and is happening in the life of the Antiochian Archdiocese. Is this of Christ? Is what’s coming down, as it were, from the top and what is coming up from below matching the example of Christ? Is how we, and I, relate to each other in all of this full of the presence of Christ? If everyone involved in all of these things were to look in the mirror and see the face they present to the world and each other would it be the face of Christ?

The Scriptures, the creeds, the canons, our polity, the sum of our Tradition, none of it is an end to itself and all exist to assist us in becoming like Christ, to being joined with Him. Outside of that purpose they can easily become grotesque caricatures. We, too, can become deformed from the image of Christ to the extent we lose touch with, and live outside of, this truth.

In the end seeking to know where our Lord is in all of this and seeking to be what and who He would have us be will be the only right path through and out of what is happening. Choose it and these events, hard as they are, will be a tough but needed step forward. Ignore this and the days, months, and years ahead will be full and overwhelming with dark potentials.


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