The TV is full of ads…

for “fast money services” and “lay away” at your favorite store for Christmas. Hard times in the land of plenty producing the virtue of thrift by necessity or sending people in desperation for a quick fix.

There are natural limits, just so much of anything, and we’re in the process of finding this out once more. The princes we honored as long the goods kept coming have failed us again. Their story of everything for everyone with no cost has become a tale of long ago and far away. We are waking up from the dream and morning hurts out eyes.

The question is about what comes next. Will we grow up, face the dawn, and find a way out? Will we choose what’s real over the dream and find a new and wiser way? Or will we choose to be slaves to banks and governments and companies that tell us the prosperity they pitch to us on the TV is worth our soul?

Only time will tell, and much hangs in the balance.


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