Saturday morning…

and the sun will be out in force for a while. October sun is a long goodbye, the woman in the movies waving from the train window as it pulls away from the platform.

As you turn away you hear the wind in the distance, the next train coming through, wet, windy, raw, and followed by a cold white silence. You’ve heard it for as long as you been alive. You know the drill. You know the schedule on the wall by heart. One comes in another leaves.

Its just about waiting, about having the capacity to fill the time with meaningful things and trust a clockwork beyond yourself. Everything has a place. Everything has a time. Everything has a season. Desperation happens when this is forgotten.


One thought on “Saturday morning…

  1. Beautifully said. Providence is only seen in the rear view mirror. The present moment is what you are given while anticipating the fantasy of your future.

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