The questions are as follows…

Did you leave St. Elias because you were angry with them? No.  Are you not wanting to be a Priest anymore? No. Is there a job waiting for you at St. George? No. So why did you move on? I was tired, still am. Nothing else? Really, trust me, nothing else I just wanted to take some time off from the traveling and responsibilities to refresh, retool, and reinvigorate.

Perhaps Orthodox people have a hard time with such a simple answer because they’re used to behind the scenes maneuvering and layers of intrigue laced in every spoken word. Sad, but I can understand it. The game always seems to be underway somewhere.

Or maybe its just the idea of a Priest taking substantial time off that throws them. I mean aren’t Priests  supposed to work every day, forget about vacations, and then die on the job? So what’s this about taking time off?  It seems, well, kind of unnatural.

But that’s the truth of it. No agendas, no plans, just time off for all the vacations I missed, all the miles I’ve covered, and all the nights spent in motels. Come spring if there is an opening some where I’ll probably be off to a new place down the road but until then I think I’ll watch some sunsets.


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