Whenever you have a group…

of people joined together in some kind of endeavor crazy things are bound to happen. We’re mortal and some times being in a group actually amplifies that mortality.

Such is the way of things in the Church. We have the reality of Kingdom of God within us, we are, in fact that Kingdom, but its ideals are often elusive because we are also a collection of humans perpetually in need of transformation. Alone or collectively the process of turning sinners into saints can be a very messy thing.

Yet there is also within this Kingdom the very means of transforming darkness to light, of exposing the shadows, and applying truth to the deceits within. It is a great mystery, a collection of the broken, desperate, and ill who by grace find together the fountain of immortality. “Where could we go” St. Peter asked “For you (Jesus) have the words of eternal life.” And so it is.

And it’s those words, that truth, that light, the faith that established the universe that will save us. When we see the darkness within or the struggles without, it is precisely at that moment that we need not to abandon the Faith but to go deeper into its graces. The culture, the world outside, even, unfortunately, the ecclesiastical powers may not understand, but where else could we go, only Christ has the eternal life we need.

In the end it is our connection to Him that will see us through, give us the strength to confront the darkness within and without and help us to find our way home. And perhaps this is something of the still small voice we seek in the sound and fury.


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