So why is God…

allowing the scandals and challenges that have plagued Orthodoxy in the United States these past few years?

All I have is opinion, of course, and whatever I say should be taken in that light. Yet I have been pondering and I often wonder where the still small voice is in all the sound and fury.

I wonder if the Church has become sterile, ethnic, institutional, too much like the rest of the world but with better vestments. I wonder if we who are in positions of authority have forgotten that we are stewards and not possessors of these graces. I wonder if we have forgotten that authority is service, to those who follow and not to us.

Perhaps we have forgotten our first love. Perhaps we need to be reminded that the Church is about seeking first the Kingdom. Perhaps we’ve created temples without Presence. Perhaps we have built structures without Life. Perhaps we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

And is it possible that God, in love, is tired of this state of affairs and exposing us to heat, struggle, and pain to call us back to the things that matter, to be the people we were called to be. Could it be that God is slowly but surely exposing our sores, forcing open our dusty recesses, and showing us the darkness within so that we may, if we choose, become clean.

One things seems certain. An old order of things is giving way and the process is, like so many transitions, jarring and painful. We focus on the events and the issues, and we should, but larger forces are at play. Perhaps to understand it all we need to address the circumstances for sure but also listen to the greater call.


2 thoughts on “So why is God…

  1. Sometimes I wonder if all the “scandals” are part of the consequences of importing American evangelicalism into the Church. What is being cleaned up and brought to light has nothing to do with “Orthodoxy”, but is common to all Churches. We have no distinction in our scandals. But it creates an illusion that “the Church” is maturing, moving forward, becoming more “transparent” etc. etc., which organizationally and for individuals and the corporations is a good thing, but it creates a smoke screen and distraction from the true meaning and purpose of the Church. All the blogging and pixels used on “issues facing the American Church” are time and energy wasted on a big picture that most of those who blog and fret and write about it have no influence or power to change. “Look to yourself, brother” seems to have been deleted from the Philokalia.

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