Waiting on word…

from the Holy Synod in Antioch. The joy in belonging to a global community of churches like the Antiochian Orthodox Church is sharing a bond of kinship and continuity that transcends even nationality. The struggle is that decisions, even ones that can directly affect your life, can be made in far away places and by people who may not have even visited your hemisphere.The potential for game playing and mischief is always there.

What to do? People and their ideas come and go but the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church remains and the great Tradition of the Church, which to some can seem like an anchor, is also a powerful rudder holding us on course even if sometimes we ourselves steer hard one way or another and claim the hand of God. This is why we pray for our Bishops and pray for ourselves as well, that we may all ever be open to the authentic presence of the Holy Spirit and be ready, if needed, to stand on the ramparts in prayer ready to defend the Faith.


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