There is no secret…

if Christian people really wish to change the world the first step is to surrender themselves and all that they are to Christ. One of the dangers in Orthodoxy is that we often think of this in terms of being a cleric or monastic and largely this is simply not true. There is a need for clerics and monastics but there is even a greater need for Orthodox people in every walk of life to simply say “I am here and by God’s grace I will live out my holiness in whatever place and occupation I am found.”

Imagine a world in which Orthodox business owners committed not only themselves but their companies to theosis. Imagine a world where Orthodox Christians both great and humble live every day and practice the Faith not just  in their interior but their exterior lives.  What would an authentic Orthodox Christian grocery store look like? A restaurant? A trading firm? A car dealership? A household? When Orthodox start asking questions like this with the intention of action the world will change.


One thought on “There is no secret…

  1. I know what happened to me, and what my business is like. Honestly, I don’t think people have the guts for it. Sometimes I don’t.

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