Whenever its hot…

I’ll talk to some of the seniors I work with about the old days, days even I remember, when there wasn’t an air conditioner in  every home.

There were front porches then, with screen windows, where people could sit or sleep and catch any passing breeze. One can find pictures, as well, of people sleeping outside next to the lakes scattered throughout the Twin Cities. Ladies had fans in church and kids marveled at how their moms could find the cool side of the pillow. Everyone just slowed down.

We seem to be more fragile now. Technology, expectations, the profit to be made convincing us to add layers of precautions, they all seem to have made us weak. One hundred years ago people worked on days like this, farm work, factory work, and the everyday chores of life. Now we hover in shelters, or so it seems, every time the sun comes out, afraid of our shadows.

Should we go back? No, but is it good for us to become a people living all our lives in climate controlled cocoons intentionally weakened by our dependence on technology? One day it may get hot and the power will fail. Then what would we do? Would we even know?


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