One of the things…

Christianity reminds me of on an almost daily basis is that I was meant to be so much more. I don’t mean that in the “Jesus wants you to be rich, handsome, and skinny” way that seems to be prevalent in so much of American Christian culture. Rather its more about coming to understand the potential of the grace given.

In Christ there are unmeasurable depths of light and goodness and holiness. A thousand miles away from being anywhere close to Christ in my own life I can still see that. Yet its not intimidating. In fact its actually quite hopeful.

I know that in this life there may be only bits and pieces of the unmeasured grace of God that somehow bubble through to the surface of my life. Perhaps the best I will ever be before they bury me is just a small light taking light from the Light. Yet even a small light is still Light. Even a small bit of grace in me is still more than I could have ever been without it.

And some day, every hour a bit closer, the day of knowing in sight what I perceive now in shadows will come. The little light inside, sometimes blown about by the winds of the world, calls me to its Source, to a fullness I see now only as a horizon, to the more that I was called by grace to be.

And I am not afraid.


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