A political prediction…

Just a wild guess in an arena that I often read about but seldom prognosticate. The recent information that someone in the administration has been offering jobs to two opponents of administration selected candidates to get them to drop out of the race will play out this way. Former President Clinton, who is alleged to have offered one of the positions, will make a public statement, with deep empathy, admitting his role. His wife, now Secretary of State, will soon after resign due to her “sadness” over the failed promise of the Obama administration. She gets the credibility of being a voice of good government even in the face of her own party, the foreign policy cred that comes with being Secretary of State, and two years distance between her resignation and the next election. He, that is former President Clinton, is none the worse for wear because he already is tainted but people still like him and expect nothing higher of him AND gets to payback his wife with the best gift of all, power, in trade for how many anonymous women X still remain.

Or maybe I should just take off my tin foil hat. Who knows? But that many of you will be thinking, “It could be…” shows how far things have slid down the chute.


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